Your journey to Cornwall

Angela Jane

The road to Cornwall is well-travelled, with good reason. The furthest tip of Britain points out into the Atlantic and it’s a land filled with wonder. A place where glorious beaches are ten-a-penny. Where there are hidden gems around each corner and warm welcomes on the faces of those waiting to greet you. It’s been a place that has meant many things to many people over the years – from religion to industry, from battles to tranquillity – but, today, it’s most famous for being a place to reconnect with all the best things in life.

My insider guide

Hello – my name is Angela Jane and I look after the Original Cottages family down here in Cornwall. My home is such a beautiful place and I never get tired of showing people around. Often, they’ll share their experiences with me and it never fails to bring a smile to my face. 

Whether you’re into days out, natural wonders of just a nice bit of lunch, I’ve got something to tickle your fancy. Shall we begin?