The Original Talent Programme

As a progressive employer, TOCC has always been proactive in offering young people the opportunity to gain real life work experience, both at Group Services and within our local agencies.

In 2012 we decided to formalise our commitment in this area and launched The Original Talent Programme. Aimed at graduates, the programme offers paid internships which provide both valuable experience and a meaningful entry on the intern's CV.

We were lucky enough to find six bright young graduates to launch the initiative and the internships covered subjects such as photography, online and off-line marketing, web developing and IT programming. From our inaugural intake, one moved on to the MOD and one moved to London. We still have the other four as permanent employees!

Since that initial intake, we’ve continued to provide good quality training and, in a lot of cases, permanent employment for bright young people – not necessarily graduates. Below is the story of one such bright youngster, Edward Nash: 

“After my first year at college, I realised that full time education wasn’t for me. I decided to leave and I managed to find an apprenticeship with an SEO agency. After a month of working for them, it was soon clear that they didn’t have my best interests at heart and were just looking for cheap labour! I decided to look for an opportunity that would allow me to develop my skills in online marketing, as well as to be treated as a valued part of their company.

After leaving the SEO agency, I was put in contact with Tom Ellis the Online Marketing Director at TOCC. Luckily Tom offered me a placement within his team as Online Marketing Apprentice. After a year and six months working here, I can safely say my decision to join TOCC was the best decision I could have made.

Despite joining the company at a very junior level, I’ve been given a lot of responsibility.  Working alongside industry experts has meant that I’ve learnt a lot in a very short space of time. I have been treated fairly, and have felt valued as a member of the online team. TOCC have invested much time into my development, due to this I’ve been able to embark on my next exciting opportunity and work at Google. An opportunity wouldn’t have a risen without the fantastic people that work at TOCC”

Edward Nash, 2015.

We’re always looking for opportunities to help develop talent so if you think you can make a positive contribution to our business, we’d be interested in helping you develop your skills as part of our Original Talent Programme.

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