Outstanding Locations Within 2-3 Hours Drive of London

Escape The City On A Blissful Cottage Holiday...

When you want a break from city life, head to the country and enjoy reconnecting with nature.

The great British countryside is closer than you think. You can easily find rural relaxation within a two hour drive from London, great if you’ve only got time for a short break, or you just want to spend less time on the road and more time on the beach.

And the benefits of spending time in the countryside are well documented. It gives you time to relax, to recharge the batteries and reconnect with nature. The air is cleaner, the views are longer and life is quieter. Plus your brain will get a chance to recover from the overstimulation it suffers daily in the city, leaving you refreshed and focused, ready to take on the world once more.

You can read more about the outstanding locations that lie within 2-3 hours of London in our latest blog. We have more information for you below, just click on the links below to find out more.


A Norfolk sunset


Discover the wonders of this picturesque, deeply historic region...

View Norfolk Cottages


Spectacular scenery, a long sunny coastline and historic market towns...

Suffolk Cottages


Step into the garden and have yourself a holiday that will stay with you for many years...

Kent Cottages


A wonderful mix of quiet rural countryside and lively, bustling coastline...

Sussex Cottages

South of England

Discover emblematic places as Canterbury, Brighton, Bournemouth, Plymouth and Barnstable...

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North East England

The Northern reaches of England are famous for its varied and dramatic landscapes; playing host to many of Britain’s magnificent and beautiful National Parks...

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