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Published: Monday 13th Mar 2017

Written by: The Original Cottages Team

Escape to the Country.

As the days lengthen and the evenings draw out towards springtime, it is time to turn your thoughts to pastures green, perhaps not quite a month in the country but may be a few days away from the smoke, an ideal opportunity to re-charge your batteries and enjoy some spring sunshine and all that the beautiful English countryside has to offer. Spring is the perfect time of year to get out and about and in amongst it. Blow away those winter cobwebs and get ahead by avoiding the crowds and endless traffic congestion of the summer months. Treat yourself to a few days away, whiling away the time in historic towns and pretty villages as they come to life after their winter slumber.

WindmillThere is no need to spend endless time in the car as within a couple of hours, you can head for the broad skies of East Anglia. Perhaps the pretty plaster and paint villages of Suffolk appeal or a few days of traditional bucket and spade time at Southwold, the jewel of the Suffolk coastline, still peaceful before the onset of the summer hoards. Travel further around the coastline to the broad open beaches of Norfolk and watch the splendid spring migration of birds which the county is famed for – nature’s best aerial display, free to see from numerous picturesque North Norfolk flint and pantile villages, their warm terracotta colours reflecting the emerging spring sunshine. Venture inland a little and take a snowdrop walk around the beautiful Walsingham Abbey or one of the many other historic estates that are dotted about the county, a truly delightful time to enjoy the hidden treasures that Norfolk has to offer, from one of our cosy cottages or stunning contemporary homes.

If the Deep South is your preference then you could consider heading in completely the opposite direction as within a couple of hours drive south of the capital lies Kent, historic and picturesque and brim full of history and charm. Kent, often referred to as the Garden of England, has history at its core, home as it is to the ancient towns of Canterbury and Dover on the coast, with a naval heritage as wide as the English Channel it sits in front of. Peppered with oast houses, any trip to Kent will be well oiled with the produce of the garden, as Kent is famous for its fruit and hop industry. Complement your visit with a stay in a converted oast house, an iconic Kentish landmark, and one amongst many of our lovely rural and coastal properties.

Head further west along the English Channel coast to Sussex and it would be impossible not to stop and wander, even if it is just for a stick of rock in Brighton, a town which can occupy the visitor for days without the need to go anywhere else. We have a beautiful assortment of houses and apartments within Brighton itself and the surrounding villages. There are other temptations up and down the coastline but if the coast is not for you, then escape to the South Downs and watch the emerging spring in this fabulous area of space and peace, perfect for those who want to ride or cycle or just simply walk. Retreat to a character cottage after your day of fresh air and enjoy the authentic hospitality of the local pubs and eateries, there is no better end to the day.

So, heading either north or south, just a couple of hours in the car and you can be enjoying the delights of either East Anglia or the south coast, so what are you waiting for.



The Original Cottages Team
The Original Cottages Team


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