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Ten Things You Need to Know About Cornwall

Cornwall is an ancient county at the southernmost tip of England. Almost completely surrounded by the surging Atlantic Ocean, the county is a heady blend of dramatic natural beauty, enthralling history, and friendly people. 1) History Cornwall’s identity has been formed over a tumultuous three thousand years. During that time the Cornish landscape has been called home by Celtic tribes, Romans, Saxons and Normans.

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Yes, Doctor: Five Benefits of UK Seaside Breaks

UK seaside breaks have been linked with health and wellbeing for over two centuries. King George IV used to head to the coast for its invigorating qualities, and his lead was followed by the higher echelons of the Georgian elite, who in turn inspired the masses. The seaside holiday was born, and the link between the coast and health has been there ever since.

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Five Charming Holiday Cottages in Yorkshire

With its diverse landscape, two National Parks, a dramatic coastline, and many lovely towns and villages, Yorkshire is one of the most popular destinations for holidaymakers in the UK. To meet demand there are hundreds of holiday cottages in Yorkshire, but with such a wide selection available you now have the problem of choosing. Well to help, we’ve picked five excellent holiday homes that we’re sure will charm you.

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