Icelandic descents in Lancashire

Hair-raising steeps, never-ending descants, and unspoilt, wild valleys. It might sound a lot like Iceland, but there’s less snow in Lancashire. Discover a world of adventure. Whether you ski, sail, or climb, you’ll find it in the rambling Lancashire countryside, challenging moorlands, and along the endless waterways. Climb your way to the top of the majestic Pendle Hill. Famous for its spine-shivering stories of witchcraft, the summit leaves nothing to the imagination as the beauty of the county lays silently before it. Or, follow the intricate canal network across the county, by bike or boat, uncovering a pretty village around every corner. Want some bright lights? Blackpool is perched at the water's edge of the Irish Sea. A playground of illuminations, heart-racing roller coasters, donkey rides and bright arcades, it’s the perfect destination for family days out.

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