5 Top ways to enjoy the beach


Sometimes, we have never known when, but sometimes splashing around in the waves, digging holes in the sand, burying mum and dad or creating a sand castle extraordinaire can become a little boring… (?) So we thought we would deliver a selection of our key favourite alternative seaside games for kiddies (big and small), perfect for long summer days.

Bucket1. Fill the bucket

The necessities of this game are minimal and certainly likely to be found within your beach arsenal. The rules are fairly simple and conjure up a healthy dose of competition between friends and family members. Definitely one for all ages.

How To Play:

Separate your group into two equal teams and place the buckets up on the sand, just about 50ft from the water's edge. Commence play with a ‘Go Go Go’ and the first person in each team races to the the water, fills the smaller bucket/cup and then runs back up the beach and dumps the water into the big bucket. Once the person has dropped the water, the cup is handed to the next person on the team… and a relay begins. You can either continue the game until the buckets are full or set a time limit and see who can put the most water in the bucket before the time is up.

2.  Sharks and Minnows

A slightly elaborated version of tag, this one can be played on the shore or in the shallow, still water. One person is designated as the shark (big fish), with the other players being the minnows (little fish).

How To Play:

The Shark has to tag the minnows as they run around the shark and as each minnow is tagged, they have to swap sides and join the sharks team and have to then help them catch the rest of the minnows. The last person to get tagged is crowned the fastest minnow and wins the game. They may then revel in their glory as the fastest minnow! It can add more of a challenge if you blindfold the shark first!

Games on the beach

3.  Sand Darts

One for those with good hand and eye co-ordination, it’s all about hitting the bullseye and getting your pebbles/shells in the middle circle. Great for a more concentrated game and certainly less chaotic than the previous!...

How To Play:

Games on the beachThere are a number of ways to play this, but the simplest is to draw a large circle in the sand, with several concentric circles inside that one (try making the spaces narrower between the circles… this makes things a bit more challenging for the older ones)!

The players then stand several feet away from the dart (sand) board and toss pebbles or shells into the sand, trying to get as close to the centre as possible. It can be fun to give each circle a point system, so the winner is the person with the most points!

4. Bocce

Otherwise and perhaps more commonly known as Boules, this game has a long found popularity and a strong following; it’s been around since 5000 BC; a sure sign this is a game not to be sniffed at. Normally played on a specified pitch, sometimes on a lawn, but it can be played on sand too… and you’ll need a bit of specialised equipment for this one, namely a set of Bocce/boules balls. 

How To Play:

You will need to set yourselves apart into two teams, one person throws a small ball (pallino), whilst the other team members take turns in rolling larger balls in an attempt to be the champion! (the team member who manages to get their ball closest to the pallino). Your Bocce set should give you clear instructions too!

5. Towel Jump

Who doesn’t like a bit of musical chairs, and when chairs are not on hand, then who wouldn’t love a bit of musical towels! Giggle-inducing hilarity this is an energetic game for the beach and can certainly pass away the hours. 

How To Play:

Lay out everyone's towels in a circle, stand in the middle and sing a song (or play music). Let the kids dance around the towels as the music plays and sneakily take one towel away when they’re not looking, then stop the music and watch as chaos ensues as they try and run to the nearest towel - all participants must lay on the towel as if they are sunbathing. Whoever is left standing must step out of the game and help with music and stealing towels away… keep playing until one person is left; the winner receives a well-deserved ice cream!