Dog Friendly Cottages with Enclosed Gardens

Taking your doggy friend away with you on holiday can come with a degree of added stress…Will they scare away the neighbour's cats? Will they wreck the furniture? Or will they escape from the garden?

Although we can’t guarantee that their gnawing skills will be in full flow, we can deliver an enclosed garden. Now let us be clear, although these enclosed gardens have been painstakingly put together to ensure tightly controlled borders, we cannot prevent the Houdini’s of the canine world from doing their best and, in true escapology fashion, making a break for freedom and rushing out across fields and countryside… But, we can present you with a selection of cottages amongst our collection which offer you an enclosed space for dogs and children alike, and one they'll surely enjoy.

We have handpicked some fabulous properties, all pet-friendly with the benefit of an enclosed garden to boot! Although we cannot guarantee that an enclosed garden is completely mischievous and cunning proof, we can try our darnedest to provide you with a little peace of mind; giving your wee woof a safe and secure area to run around in whilst you can enjoy the luxury of taking your eye off them for 5 minutes. So have a scroll through the properties, all located in some of the most desirable holiday destinations in the UK and get your pet-friendly holiday booked. Need more information? Then just call one our team on 0333 2020899 and we’ll help you find your ideal cottage.

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