Together we've raised £3,344 for the British Red Cross in Ukraine

Published: Monday 14th Mar 2022

At Original Cottages, we – like many others – are truly troubled by the conflict and humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. In March we selected the British Red Cross as one of our opt-in charities, offering our customers the opportunity to make a donation at the point of booking. 

We set an initial target of £5,000, and pledged to match all customer donations received until we hit this target.

Update 04/05/22

We're pleased to announce that the total donated by our customers to the Red Cross appeal was £1,672. Matching this donation ourselves, a total of £3,344 will be making its way to the British Red Cross!

Thank you to all who donated.

A bit about the British Red Cross Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal

Supporting British Red Cross, DEC member

The British Red Cross is part of the DEC (Disasters Emergency Committee), which is a group of 14 charities who specialise in emergency aid. Since day one of the Russian invasion of Ukraine the Red Cross leapt into action and immediately began giving aid and support to the thousands of civilians who need it. 
So far, the Red Cross has delivered over 30,000 food and hygiene parcels and helped provide warm clothes and other aid to thousands of people sheltering in Metro stations in Ukranian cities. They are also providing support for hospitals and emergency services, providing First Aid training to civilians, helping to repair damaged infrastructure, homes and schools, as well as providing food, water, medicine, warm clothes and shelter support.  
For more detail and information on how donations can help, please visit the British Red Cross Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal website.