The Tawny Owl

Published: Wednesday 22nd Aug 2018

The tawny owl (Strix aluco) is one of the most charming birds in the UK, silently swooping across woodlands and farmland as they take flight as dusk sets in. These beautiful owls are also often found in suburban areas where they make good use of large trees and leafy gardens.

Tawny OwlTawny owls are a mottled brown with reddish tones to their feathers. They are often heard long before they can be seen; especially over long winter nights, when you can hear the typical ‘twit-twoo’ whilst they search for a mate.

Their main diet is small mammals, which they find using their magnificent night vision and sensitive hearing.

OwlsThere are some 50,000 breeding pairs here in the UK so they are quite widespread. Cornwall, Exmoor and the Sussex countryside; are all fantastic locations to visit to try your luck at spotting owls.

Why not go on a woodland walk and look for pellets - don’t forget to keep a keen eye on the taller trees for roosting owls tucked in near the trunks. Young can be hatched as early as March, so youngsters can be seen exploring the trees from April/May onwards.

Many of our cottages are even ideally located to sit back and enjoy the calls of tawny owls from their own gardens or great outdoors; what better way to spend an evening than relaxing under the stars with a glass of wine or a hot chocolate whilst being serenaded by tawny owls!

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