The Loveliest Spot That Man Hath Found

Published: Friday 18th Nov 2016

Written by: Anne Howard

As an occupant of a rather flat county in the east of England, I have to admit that apart from one trip to Scotland, I have not ventured much further north than Leeds during my time on the planet. So it had to come about that I would eventually visit the Lake District, if not to see just what all the fuss is about.

So many famous writers have waxed lyrical about this part of the world and so rather than stay off the beaten track which is my usual preference, I have decided to embrace ‘all things Lakeland’ and am heading for Grasmere, home to William Wordsworth and also it seems, some rather exotic and famous gingerbread. I have found a lovely cottage at Backbarrow which will give me plenty of access to Lake Windermere and this will accompany me on my journey to Grasmere as it runs virtually all the way to this pretty Lakes village.

 Pathway Through The Lakes | Woolly Companions

In all seriousness, whilst I do want to imbibe some of the Beatrix charm of the place, I would actually like to scratch beneath the surface to find the authentic Lakeland character. I am hoping to take in the Herdwick sheep whilst walking on the Fells and see them for the first time in the fleece; amazing to think that they can survive in deep snow whilst eating nothing other than their own wool. Unused to mountainous climbs, if I run out of puff and get stranded, I may have to join them. I would also like to see the famous hound trailing but only as a spectator, walking up those slopes will prove challenge enough for me coming as I do from the flatlands of the east.

So equipped with my Grasmere Gingerbread, Kendal Mint cake and a herdy wool cap to complete the look, I am striding forth to commune with the poets and artists that have gone before. I have read the poems, looked at the pictures and now I am off to commune.


Anne Howard
Anne Howard


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