A Little Bit of What You Fancy Does You Good

Published: Friday 2nd Dec 2016

Written by: Anne Howard

Luxury, defined as comfort, elegance, spacious and sumptuous surroundings, something that is not essential but desirable, with a definite touch of milk and honey thrown in for good measure. Perhaps your luxury is being able to wake up and turn over and go back to sleep without the stresses and strains of work or, maybe it is an English country cottage with roses round the door and a pretty garden topped off with a beautiful view.

It could be the opportunity to walk down the lane to the local pub before strolling home to total peace and quiet. Or perhaps your luxury is being able to wake up and hear the birds singing without the roar of traffic or the clamour of the school run or, being able to sit under a tree in a large garden and while away the hours reading without having to look at your watch.

Luxury Properties

There is nothing better than a spacious, beautiful, well appointed rural cottage, perfectly restored with all the charm of a bygone age and all the comfort and convenience of modern living. Combine beams with soft furnishings, a bathroom with every bedroom, wood burners with surround sound, plenty of room to unwind and entertain and a hot tub outside to really make the most of those gardens and the extensive views; rural living has never been so good.

Why not capitalise on all this indulgent space and add a personal spa treatment to your itinerary in the lovely surroundings of your cottage, or book a private chef to cater for your every culinary need; some of our larger cottages have been designed and equipped with outside caterers specifically in mind, a perfect treat for a special get together or family occasion.

A little bit of what you fancy does you good. Never was a phrase more aptly coined, in this case by Marie Lloyd the Victorian Vaudeville singer although relaxing in one of our generous, luxury cottages isn’t exactly going to be considered as ‘moral turpitude’! Go on, treat yourself.

Anne Howard
Anne Howard


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