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The Dragons Shall Rise

Written by Anne Howard on

The Welsh flag flies high

Wales, ‘Land of my Fathers’ so the national anthem goes and you couldn’t get anything more masculine than rugby about which the Welsh are passionate and my all male household too. So, as a significant male birthday looms on the horizon, what better place to plan that surprise celebration than south Wales, with the lure of Cardiff and the Millenium Stadium.

I have chosen for our short break, a lovely cottage called Glanhafren – partly because even I can pronounce the name – but mainly because it offers great access to Cardiff and a stunning location for the rugby widow whilst the boys are away on their excursions. Glanhafren has beautiful views of the beach at Southerndown and a lovely stone terrace to just sit and enjoy them with a glass of wine and a good book - bliss. Bright yet cosy and just over twenty miles from Cardiff, this is the perfect location to relax and enjoy a bit of ‘me time’ whilst the boys are away.

The city of Cardiff at night
Experience Cardiff's night life
The Millennium Stadium in Carfiff
The home of Welsh Rugby

Needless to say, the weekend I have picked just happens to coincide with a pretty important match and I have arranged tickets for the game and hospitality afterwards in the Clubhouse. Before that, I have booked a stadium tour as part of the gift and I will join them for the game and dinner afterwards. But I won’t be unveiling that special present quite yet. I think the cottage and its spectacular setting will be quite enough to start with, the first day on Southerndown beach swimming and surfing and then dinner in the Three Golden Cups, just a stones’ throw away. This area is described as the most beautiful on the south Wales heritage coastline and it really lives up to expectations. How perfect to be able to combine this amazing coastal location with accessibility to Cardiff and all that it has to offer.


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