Sparks and Fire: Devon's Great Firework Displays

Published: Monday 19th Oct 2015

Written by: Betheny Ellis

Devon is a great county to enjoy some brilliant firework displays, and there are plenty to choose from right across the county, from North to South Devon. 

Some of the most incredible displays to be seen in the lovely county of Devon are on the Hoe in Plymouth. This hugely anticipated event of the year is not only spectacular sight but it is also host to the British Firework Championship which has 6 large firework companies competing for the prize of the loudest bang and fizzle.  This magnificent show of lights happens over two evenings in August (yes, not quite in tune for November 5th) and there is always a large crowd of spectators watching this incredible scene to get your own slice of the action, just pop along and watch the sky come alight in a kaleidoscope of colour, all for free! 

If you and looking for something on a smaller scale but just as brilliant, there is a lovely firework display called ‘The Exeter Round Table’ located in Westpoint Exeter and organised by the Devon Air Ambulance Trust; this community event aims to raise money for local charities and businesses, so take along your best ‘ooohh and aaahh’ and enjoy an evening of colour and sparkles as well as supporting some great local causes.  

Fancying some louder bangs and pops!? Then the ‘Big Beach Bang’ on Shoebury East Beach, Exeter is the one for you. This is a major charity fundraising event and it’s hosted on the weekend of fireworks night meaning that everyone can attend and have a late night! Not only is there just a great firework display that will have you in awe, there is lots of other great entertainment going on, such as Dj’s, fun fairs and of course LOADS of fireworks being launched over the beach. All in the name for charity this is a fantastic event to go and spend a few pennies and to get into the spirit of Bonfire Night!

Another great event to celebrate Guy Fawkes night and one that everyone can get involved in, is at West Quay in Appledore; here the ‘Appledore Pirates’ expect volunteers to offer their combustibles to the huge bonfire from 3.30pm. Then later on in the evening when the night kicks off with a blaze, the bonfire is lit at 7.30pm, the night begins and everyone gets to enjoy the warming eats, sparklers and plenty of pretty colours lighting up the sky. We love that everyone contributes to the display and it makes for quite the eclectic array of sparks! Definitely one for all the family. 

With or without the fireworks, Devon and it’s rugged North coast is a great place to head for a bit of winter rest and relaxation. The crowds of holidaymakers have departed and the vast swathes of beaches with their dramatic backdrops make for some empty and breathtaking walking grounds. Perfect for blowing away the cobwebs. But if you’re visiting when sparklers and catherine wheels are in abundance we say pop along to anyone of these favoured displays and enjoy watching some of these pretty explosives yourself. 

Betheny Ellis
Betheny Ellis


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