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Published: Saturday 11th Apr 2015

Written by: Alice de Courcy-Wheeler

Well here we are again, joyfully congratulating another lucky competition winner; well done John Jones who claims the top prize in our Easter Cottage Giveaway. We hope you have a fantastic week in beautiful Summerville cottage. Just to ensure you get see all the gems of Lynmouth and it’s surrounding area, we thought it only right that we put together a list of some of the ‘must do’ activities for John and any other intrepid visitors to experience. We can’t have him just sitting inside eating his Booja-Booja truffles all holiday! Of course, we're just mouth wateringly jealous.

The communities of Lynton and Lynmouth sit amidst spectacular rocky scenery on the Western corner of the Exmoor National Park. Whilst the town of Lynton sits high atop the rugged outcrop, the fishing village of lynmouth snuggles below. This picturesque community of houses, cafe’s restaurants and shops are at the confluence of the East and West Lyn rivers and have attracted travellers from as early as the Napoleonic era. Now, with tourism being well established since the 1800’s this area of the Exmoor National Park knows how to delight and excite their weary travellers - from trains to local beers, North Devon has it covered.

Devon is renowned for it’s culinary traditions, it’s all about indulgence, from cream teas to ice cream. We’re especially fond of Devonshire ice cream (none of the Mr. Whippy stuff down there, thank you very much!) it’s all about the choicest cream, from the happiest cows! We recommend Mavis Thrupton’s Ice cream kiosk in Lynmouth, no need for pomp and circumstance - it’s good proper British ice cream with all of the taste and all of the fat! (You’re on holiday, spoil yourself!)

Now, when it comes to cream teas, we understand there is much room for debate and whether rightly or wrongly (you decide) it’s Devon, so better do it the Devon way! We suggest you mosey along to  Ethel Braithwaites in Lynton, this is a true Devon delight, so sit yourself down with a Devonshire cream tea; the scones of course are warm, the tea wet and milky and most importantly the clotted cream is topped with a healthy dollop of strawberry jam (no butter, we’re doing it the Devon way don’t forget). We suggest this is best enjoyed when sitting outside on a sunny day.

After all this indulgence there is undoubtedly a hankering for a little activity. Start with a gentle stroll through the bustling harbour and out along the seafront and pier, its a perfect way to burn a few calories and take in the atmosphere. The pier is very close to the funicular railway, this is a unique water operated rail service which has been trugging up and down the cliffs between Lynmouth and Lynton since 1885, its a delightful experience and one not to be missed. It’s surely been at least an hour since you last took in some culinary treats, so time to stop off at the Cliff Top Caferaunt for another cream tea or a spot of lunch with outstanding views!

Of course, there is also much to do outside of Lynton and Lynmouth; we suggest the best thing is to get out and about, stretch your legs and take in lungs full of fresh air. Being on the edges of the Exmoor National Park, there are wild open spaces in abundance, but for something a little closer to home we suggest an evening stroll at the Valley of Rocks. This is now a dry river bed that runs parallel to the sea and, is perfect for fossil hunting, fantastic scenery and getting friendly with resident goats!

The other fantastic walk, and one for a proper day of activity, is to follow the East Lyn river to Watersmeet - a fantastic National Trust property set against the backdrop of a dramatic river gorge and ancient woodlands (tea rooms a prerequisite, of course). Take in the impressive 2,000 acres of breathtaking views and countryside.

If all this outdoor activity sounds somewhat exhausting, then I think we can all forgive Mr. Jones if he choses to sit in the front garden of this gorgeous cottage, prop his feet up, gorge on Booja-Booja chocolate truffles, sip on a glass of something bubbly and bask in glorious sunshine (weather permitting!)

Alice de Courcy-Wheeler
Alice de Courcy-Wheeler


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