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Published: Friday 7th May 2021

Written by: The Original Cottages Team

The Cookaway is an exciting new recipe box company delivering fantastic food inspired by traditional recipes from all around the world. And now, you’ll receive a delicious Travel Treat when you order to your Original Cottages holiday property.

It’s the perfect chance to gather around the beautiful Aga in your rustic farmhouse, or enjoy a night of cooking and cocktails in your stylish beachfront apartment. A home-cooked dinner on the sun terrace, anyone? A slap-up feast around the dining table?

Quality ingredients and authentic chef-designed recipes. All ingredients delivered in convenient, pre-prepared portions. Sustainable, 95% natural and renewable packaging with no non-recyclable plastics in sight.

3 dishes - Chicken Kebab, Cacciatora, Paella

The world to your door

There are few feelings better than setting off on the journey to your holiday cottage. The anticipation of exploring a new place or rediscovering an old favourite. The changing scenery, as city lights fade on your way to the countryside, or rolling fields give way to clifftop views.

The cherry on the top? Knowing you’ll have a world cuisine recipe box waiting for you on the doorstep to make your holiday that touch more special.

That’s why Original Cottages has teamed up with The Cookaway – the easy, subscription-free recipe box company.

All you have to do is order online for delivery to your holiday cottage, and The Cookaway will do the rest – with your Travel Treat thrown in for free. Will you unwrap something sweet for after dinner or something refreshing to wash it all down?

So go ahead and choose a taste of Bangalore in your Bangor cottage. A Tokyo feast in your Torquay apartment. Or an authentic Naples dish in your Norfolk farmhouse. There are hundreds of amazing international menus available, every one of which contains a satisfying main dish and an accompaniment. Bon appetit!

The Original Cottages Team
The Original Cottages Team


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