Beach Bag Essentials

Published: Monday 20th Apr 2015

Written by: Sally Sims

When heading off for a holiday getaway, you’re always hopeful that the sun is going to shine! But the charming British weather is never one to be predictable - the forecast may say sunshine but the rain clouds are bound to roll in at some point… But that’s why we love it, and we will make the best of a day at the beach rain, wind or shine.  

So what do you take for a day at the Beach, in the UK?  Some might say “pack everything!”  A waterproof coat right down to a bikini - ‘Always be prepared!’ wear plenty of layers; the sun can always disappear in an instant and you may find yourself under a hail cloud!! Of course, when the sun does show its lovely face, you can take full advantage (sunscreen applied first, of course!).

First things first, not all our beaches in the UK are vast white and sandy - so if you find yourself holidaying on one of our more pebbly shorelines; Aldeburgh in Suffolk or the vast shingle banks of Dorset, the footwear needs careful consideration - we suggest the classic Wellington boot.  It’s great for splashing around in rock pools or braving the chilly ebb and flow of the tide. Now, for those a little braver, then we can only say that no beach trip is complete without the humble flip-flop or perhaps, for something very British, it has to be the sock and sandal ensemble. 

No British seaside jaunt would be complete without sand in your sandwiches and no beach visit is complete without a picnic blanket, wrap yourself up in it or use it as a towel - it’s a must take item. For beach eats, take your favourite treats, cool drinks and a warming thermos flask of tea or coffee (it’s bound to be chilly).  Undoubtedly all the goodies will be eaten in the first hour - this only means you’ll be able to take advantage of the many local cafes for piping hot tea and coffee or, for something a bit more mouth watering, then hot sugared donuts and candy floss are delicious indulgences, especially in Scarborough on the Yorkshire coast and, of course we haven’t forgotten the classic fish and chips. Some of the scrummiest are to be found in Wells-next-the-sea, Norfolk.  

Every youngster (and Dad) will need their bucket and spade. So don’t forget to pack it!  How on earth can anyone recreate Cinderella’s Castle or bury Grandad in the sand without a bucket and spade. For more grown up escapades, the brave and hardy should pack their body board or for the really skilled, their surfboard - the beaches in the South West of the country are great for board-based frolics, head to Croyde in Devon or off to the beaches in Newquay to catch some of the best Atlantic rollers… 

The beach bag pack list is endless and really, the toughest decision is in choosing which stretch of coastline to head for - We have hundreds of seaside properties, so we’re pretty confident that there will be something which catches your eye -  just don’t forget the windbreak!

Sally Sims
Sally Sims


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