Truly local, wherever you stay.

A World Away

Tropical sunsets, Mediterranean coastlines and Alpine peaks — you don’t have to travel the world to discover some of its most beautiful spectacles. This year, feel a world away right here in the British Isles, with us.
Sun, sand, mountains and sea – they’re all closer than you think. And to make it easier for you to discover your dream destination, we’ve compared some of the world most popular holiday hotspot features, to counties a little closer to home. We do more than offer picturesque properties. We find you a home to make memories, we give you views that’ll leave you breathless, and we bring truly local knowledge to make your Great British holiday that much more special.

Feel a world away, just steps from your door.

Cornwall - Ibiza

Bask in the warm-hues of Mediterranean-style sunsets as amber rays glisten off Cornish seascapes, wander the lanes of picturesque harbourside villages, and enjoy family barbeques on golden beaches.

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Devon - California

Cruise the California-like coastline, where surfers ride pacific-blue waters, where breathtaking cliff formations reach out into the ocean, and tropical palms line the bustling beaches of The English Riviera.

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Dorset – Mediterranean

Explore a prehistoric coastline that holds as much history as the shorelines of Greece. Unique cliff lines resemble the Mediterranean wild landscapes, while Spanish-style sandy beaches await you in Dorset.

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Kent - Bordeaux

Wander the winemaking kingdom of Britain. Miles away from the vineyards of Bordeaux, these twin regions share their secrets, from cities brimming with history to near-identical countryside vistas.

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Lancashire - Iceland

Hike across the dramatic, Icelandic-style landscapes of hair-raising steeps, never-ending descents, and unspoilt countryside valleys of Lancashire. Like Iceland, this county’s secrets are only known by those with local knowledge.

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Lake District - Basque country

Discover the remote mountain-ranges and untouched countryside of the Basque Country in the Lake District. Stroll off-the-beaten-track through cloud-tipped peaks, and past breathtaking horizons reflecting on glass-like lakes.

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Norfolk - Gold Coast

Bathe on Gold Coast-like sands and rugged dunes under cloudless blue skies along the north coast of Norfolk, or cruise the intricate Broads that snake inland like the Gold Coast waterways.

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Northumberland - Sweden

Travel to the kingdom in the north, where pathways carve through thick, coniferous forests full of wildlife, and lakes are so still they shine like glass. There’s a touch of Sweden in Northumbria.

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Suffolk - Tuscany

Immerse yourself in a Tuscan-like countryside, where emerald green trees and meadows shimmer under horizon-stretching blue skies. Like Tuscany, Suffolk inspires artists and captivates visitors.

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Sussex - Vegas

Celebrate under the bright lights of Sussex’s Vegas-style city by the sea. Streets that never sleep, vibrant neons that glow through the night, and a bustling atmosphere on a quintessentially-British seafront.

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Wales - Alpine region

Climb Alpine-like mountains in Wales, and discover the secrets hidden within its vast, and unspoilt countryside. Snow-tipped peaks and spectacular glacial lakes, you’ll feel a million miles away in Wales.

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Yorkshire - Denmark / Scandinavia

Ramble across wide-open spaces of meadows and rolling hills, through rugged heather-topped moors, and along dramatic coastlines intertwined with a Viking past. Discover Danish views right here in Yorkshire.

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