Cottages in Hadrian's Wall

Over 2,000 years have passed since Emperor Hadrian ordered the construction of the 84-mile long wall, and now this snaking structure is one of Northumberland’s best destinations for breathtaking scenery and ancient history. 

With 73 miles of the magnificent Roman structure still standing, hugging the craggy bluffs and towering ridges of the Northumbrian countryside, Hadrian’s Wall is a must see when visiting the region. Hop aboard the Hadrian’s Wall Country Line and discover the charming towns and villages that in its shadow, such as Haltwhistle, Bardon Mill and Hexham. Or, just sit back and gaze across the rolling landscapes and beautiful horizons.

The picturesque town of Haltwhistle sits in the centre of Britain, just three miles from Hadrian's Wall. Ideal for hikers and cyclists visiting the most intact section of the historic monument, you’ll find 22 circular walks that take you through the stunning countryside. The town is also home to a collection of rare flowers, including rare alpine plants that can’t be found anywhere else in the country.

The winding streets of Hexham were once wandered by hoards of marauding Vikings, and now it has been voted as England’s favourite market town by Country Life magazine. Head to the races at the Hexham Racecourse, break free from the imposing stone-cube prison, Old Gaol, or browse through Hexham's many independent shops and inspiring art galleries. 

You’ll find more Roman structures surrounding Hadrian’s iconic ruins. The countryside is scattered with milecastles, temples and Roman forts, with most of them being accessible on rural rambles across the hills. Take a gentle walk west from Housesteads Crag to Sycamore Gap, and discover the highest remains of the wall, along with the iconic tree from Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.

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