Cottages in Camelford

Is this where King Arthur held his court of Camelot? Come to Camelford, enjoy the shops, head off for the surf and explore Bodmin moor to find out! 

The ancient town of Camelford is an ideal base for touring North Cornwall’s rugged coast or venturing out on to the undiscovered terrain of Bodmin Moor. The perfect spot for a quieter stay, where you can escape the Cornish summer crowds. Explore the coast and ancient villages of Boscastle and Tintagel or the pretty beaches of Bossiney and Trebarwith Strand. And of course, the surf of Newquay is not far away either.

If you’re a budding historian or just a bit of a romantic, the story which surrounds Camelford is bound to captivate; some believe that King Arthur and his Knights form part of the North Cornwall history, and that Camelford was once the famed 'Camelot'. The truth of this is lost in the midsts of time, but if there is strong evidence to suggest that the warrior king died in a bloody battle just outside Camelford, at the village of Slaughters Bridge, and ‘Arthur’s Tomb’ is marked by The Arthur Stone on the banks of the river Camel, we’ll leave it for you to decide if this holds any truth. . . 

If the outdoors and activities are more your thing then head to the beaches for rock pooling, surfing and bodyboarding, or if you're happier on a bicycle then the 18 mile traffic free Camel Trail offers limitless peddling freedom for you and the family. Perfect for little ones and amblers alike.

If escaping the crowds whilst still getting a dose of Cornwall’s charm is what you’re after, then search through our list of available properties in and around this historic town and start planning your South West holiday. If you’re seeking something special or have any unique requirements, then call our team on 0333 2020899 for more help and advice.

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