Towns & Villages in Devon

A Taste of Tradition: Devon’s Local Towns and Villages

Devon is, by nature, a historic, quaint county filled with rural towns and villages that have a distinctly fairytale-esque feel about them. The north coast is full of traditional charm, the south looks like something from a romance novel and Dartmoor and Exmoor parks are home to some of Britain’s most breathtaking scenery. Our Devon Holiday Cottages are spread across this magnificent region, in more than 50 towns and villages, but which are our favourites? 

The water mill in dunster


Tucked away in Exmoor, Dunster is a medieval village full of charm and beauty. Dunster retains most of its old architecture, including a castle, thatched-roof cottages, a water mill and a steam train being just some of its historic features.  Our local team love a relaxing day out in Dunster and recommend that you visit their local ice cream parlour to try the thunder and lightning flavour. Another local delicacy is Whortleberry jam, which you can try for yourself at The Chocolate House. 

Beach at Appledore


Located at the intersection of the Taw and Torridge rivers, Appledore is a North Devon fishing village with a love for the arts. The village hosts arts and crafts events throughout the year, where local artists can showcase their talents and they also host an annual book festival. This artsy feel is reflected in Appledore’s higgledy-piggledy streets and pastel coloured cottages. As a fishing village, Appledore is also a fantastic place to go for some delicious, one hundred percent fresh seafood. If Appledore sounds like your cup of tea, then be sure to check out our selection of holiday cottages in the area.  

Busy town centre in Beer


Globally renowned as the home of Beer Stone, which is featured in some of Britain’s most iconic buildings, this tiny village certainly has more to it than meets the eye. As mentioned in our Coastal Guide, you can book onto a tour of the old Beer Stone Quarry, which is an absolute must if our Beer Cottages have grabbed your attention. Above ground, Beer is along the Jurassic Coast, meaning that its coastline is part of England's prehistoric roots, which you really get a sense of from the dramatic cliffs that surround Beer beach. Beer also has an array of fun independent shops, cafes and restaurants for you to explore. 

Thatched cottage typical of Cockington


This Saxon village near Torquay is often called the ‘Hobbit Village’, due to its distinctive squat, thatched cottages being very similar to Tolkien’s fantasy world. Rose Cottage is not just a family home, but is also a thriving tearoom and Instagram hotspot! Simply wandering around Cockington and taking some snaps may be enough for some, as it is truly beautiful, but if you want to learn more about the village, be sure to visit the visitor centre on arrival.


We have a small collection of holiday homes in Berrynarbor, a village on the North Devon Coast that is a little quieter than some of the larger seaside towns, but still has equal beauty and plenty of amenities. Surrounded by agricultural land and green rolling hills, this community village’s beautiful surroundings are made more pleasant by its lovely residents. With a community-run shop for all your supplies and the local, Ye Olde Globe Inn, Berrynarbor is a great choice for a peaceful, slow-paced holiday or relaxing day trip.