Things to do in Devon

Delightful Days Out in Devon

Days out on holiday make for memories that last a lifetime. Whether it’s growing fond of your local pub that was just down the road, trying a new sport or playing with the kids in an adventure park, getting it right when it comes to planning things to do is of utmost importance. That’s why we, aside from helping you find your perfect Devon Holiday Cottage, want to help you create some wonderful memories by sharing with you some of our favourite Devon activities. 

Verity statue viewed across the bay

Damien Hirst Statue, Ilfracombe

Verity is the name of Damien Hirst’s statue that dominates the Ilfracombe skyline. At an impressive 66ft, not only is the work of bronze and fibreglass a sight to behold, but it is also a great vantage point from which to see the rest of the town. You can find Verity at the entrance to the harbour pier, where you can see out across the Bristol Channel and develop your own artistic impression of the mighty statue, simultaneously. 

Twisted trees in Wisemans forest

Wistmans Forest

As one of three remote woods atop Dartmoor, Wistmans Forest has a sense of mystical charm that enchants all its visitors. With moss-covered boulders and ancient, gnarled trees that twist and tangle all over each other, Wistman’s Wood is a bizarre area of woodland that seems as though it has come straight out of a fairytale. It is haunted by stories of druids, ghosts and supernatural beings, and although such hokum is merely mythical, it’s unlikely you’ll want to spend the night there...

Sunset through a rock tunnel

Tunnels Beaches

Another Ilfracombe pick from our local experts, Tunnels Beaches is a day out at the beach like no other. The popular Tunnels Beaches were created to facilitate the growing popularity of sea bathing in Victorian times, an industry that helped Ilfracombe evolve into a popular seaside resort. Six tunnels were hand-carved through the hillside to create a perfectly sheltered bathing site. The well to do of the times even used personal bathing machines which were pushed out into the water from which they could discretely emerge! Nowadays, you can visit Tunnels Beaches for a small admission fee from April to October and bathe in these special waters for yourself. With an onsite restaurant and bar with panoramic views, Tunnels Beaches is the perfect couple’s retreat. 

Stars in the dark sky over exmoor

Exmoor Dark Sky Reserve

Exmoor National Park is Europe’s first Dark Sky Reserve, due to its reputation for skies so clear that the milky way is visible. Most recently, a 3.2km Dark Skies Discovery Trail was developed on the site to help guide late-night visitors through the park’s most beautiful points. Starting at the Larkbarrow Corner Layby, the walk takes around an hour and a half to complete and is well worth doing if you’re staying in one of our cottages nearby and you’re looking to see something truly out of this world. To read more about the trail, click here

Sandy beach at Burgh Island

Burgh Island

Opposite Bigbury-on-Sea lies Burgh Island and is possibly most famous for its links to author Agatha Christie. Christie frequently visited the hotel on the island and set two of her novels, ‘And Then There Were None’ and ‘Evil Under the Sun’ here. Equally iconic is the way in which you travel to the island - via sea tractor. This unusual mode of transport makes for a fun journey and once you get to the island, the fun doesn’t stop. Explore the island’s amazing wildlife by taking a walk, or stop by the Pilchard Inn for a pint where smugglers and pirates once hung out