Cottages with Open Fires

Are they one of the most desirable things on the holiday cottage wishlist...? That's what our customers are saying, and we agree that the sight, smell and sound of a real fire epitomises the warm and cosy feeling that you want from your country cottage holiday.

So whether you're comfortable stoking a grand inglenook fireplace or a modern wood burner you're going to be spoilt for choice browsing the options that we have for you here. There's a great selection of holiday cottages for you to look through and booking one couldn't be easier. Just picture it... coming back from a chilly afternoon walk and then cosying up on the sofa with the fire roaring and the dog laid out taking a snooze and soaking up the warmth radiating from that most quintessential of country cottage must-haves. Get your next cottage break with an open fire booked today.

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