The great outdoors

I love getting out and about exploring Northumberland with my dog, Scout. We’re famous for our wide, sandy beaches and pitch-black skies carpeted with stars. Here are some of my personal highlights, and the places I always make sure to take my friends and family to ‘wow’ them when they’re staying with me.

"The great outdoors of Northumberland will always be around to lift our spirits."

- Stacey

Bask on the beach at Buston Links

Welcome to my favourite beach in Northumberland. It’s so quiet here that you can often walk for miles without seeing another soul. This really is the epitome of tranquillity and a stunning place to hunt for shells or listen to the gentle sound of the waves crashing into the shore.

A dog looking out to sea at Buston Beach
A dog looking out to sea at Buston Beach

The dog-friendly beach lies south of the popular coastal village of Alnmouth, on the opposite side of the mouth of the river Aln. It is favoured by locals looking for a peaceful seaside walk and, since the beach is dog-friendly, it’s a haven for dog walkers. Walkers can head south towards Warkworth Beach or towards St Cuthbert’s Cross where you can take in beautiful views of Alnmouth.

Sensational stargazing

It’s extremely popular so, when you’re able to book your trip to Northumberland, I’d order your tickets to the Kielder Observatory at the same time. You won’t regret it!

Northumberland has the largest designated Dark Sky Park in Europe. That’s why a trip to the observatory, in the Northumberland National Park, should be high on the agenda. Known as the Northumberland International Dark Sky Park, the night skies here are free of light pollution, so you can see stars, planets and shooting stars in their natural glory.

The milky way in the night sky
Stargazing from the Northumberland Dark Sky Park

Before visiting the observatory, enjoy a walk around Kielder Water and Forest Park, where you can see incredible views, the biggest man-made lake in Northern Europe and a variety of wildlife including red squirrels and ospreys.

“Whether you are looking for the rings of Saturn or the moons of Jupiter, the observatory is well worth a visit to see the Milky Way like never before!"

- Stacey

Coastal walks

The Northumberland Coastal Path takes walkers and cyclists on an awe-inspiring journey along the beautiful and scenic Northumbrian coastline. Take your pick from 63 miles of coastal path, stretching from Berwick upon Tweed in the north, down to Cresswell in the south.

Coastal scene of Northumberland
Rock formations along the Northumberland Coast

My top recommendation is the Howick Circular Walk. This 6-mile stroll, starting from the fishing village of Craster, takes you along the ever-changing coastal landscape. You’ll see Cullernose Point, Rumbling Kern and The Bathing House, one of our most popular holiday homes. Standing on the cliff edge with a sandy cove below, the house was built by the former Prime Minister, Charles Grey (the second Earl Grey), as a place where his 16 children could go bathing in the sea. Lady Grey would sit in the large upstairs sitting room (now the master bedroom) and watch the children swim.

Continue the journey

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