Holiday Cottages with a Games Room

Having a games room at your holiday cottage is a great source of entertainment. Keeping the kids amused, big ones and small, a games room can provide hours of fun and helps you make the most of your holiday cottage.

Whether it’s about having the extra space for the children to go and play while the adults take a well-earned rest, or for the adults to let off some steam themselves; the conveniences of having all that entertainment on site are multiple. With an ever-increasing number of cottages with a games room, all offer something a little different from pub classics like pool, snooker or darts, or perhaps something a bit calmer like a traditional board game or three. A few of our properties offer table football, an American favourite also known as foosball or you might be lucky enough to have a tennis table at your disposal, to test your very best ping and pong. 

People have enjoyed playing games since time began and board games have been around for thousands of years, literally thousands, with the evidence dating back to 3500BC when the Egyptians were rather fond of a little game called Senet. We still enjoy similar games in modern times, so whatever your forte we're sure you’ll find it in one of our fantastic cottages. There will be no spending hours online or searching for somewhere able to keep everyone entertained, instead, the kiddies can just take themselves away to the games room and have oodles of fun with what’s already there and ready to go. It couldn't be simpler and there’s nothing healthier than a little competitiveness...

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