Cottages near Southwold Beach

Southwold and it’s beach are commonly regarded as being the jewel in Suffolk’s coastal crown. It's elegantly sweeping sands with nothing but it’s majestic and Victorian pier to interrupt the view, has been welcoming day trippers and holidaymakers for hundreds of years.

As an extending nod to Victorian elegance the pier is perfectly accompanied by stripey, gay and glorious beach huts. Lined up like soldiers these little wooden huts are the embodiment of Victorian conservatism; places to change and shelter away from public gaze. Today, although certainly serving similar purposes, they are also a notable addition to any discerning beach goer and can be booked together with your cottage - the ultimate in seaside accessories.

Raised above the beach looking down on the rows of huts, runs the promenade providing ample walking space for those not wishing to get sand between their toes, you’ll be protected by a line of grand villas offering its inhabitants enviable views out to sea. Away from the beach Southwold is an interwoven myriad of little lanes lined with fisherman’s cottages, victorian terraces, shops, bakeries and restaurants; everything in this stylish, sunny and bright town has the beach laying at the very core of its activities.

We have dozens and dozens of properties to book for your own slice of Southwold seaside magic. If a beachside getaway in this stunning town sounds like a must for you then please give us a call on 0333 2020 899 - we can’t wait to help!

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