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Published: Tuesday 18th Jun 2019

Written by: The Original Cottages Team

Have you booked your holiday in Brighton and are wondering what to pack for your seaside break? We are here to give you our top tips of what to bring and what to try out once you’re here! Below are our 10 must haves to kick your holiday off in style:

1. Portable charger - a certain essential for many people. If you’re using the public transport in Brighton it is wise to use the Brighton and Hove Buses app. It is super easy and convenient where you simply scan your phone when you get on the bus. Bring a portable charger and make sure you never get caught out with your phone battery running out of charge.

2. Inflatables - Always worth bringing a few beach games, whether that’s a giant inflatable doughnut or frisbee. No worries if you do forget though, the seafront shops have all you could need or why not try Beach Volleyball, basketball or hire sea kayaks?

3. Layers - British weather is traditionally very unpredictable, so, we recommend bringing layers. It could be chucking it down with rain in the morning and in a couple of hours we could be relaxing in the Pavilion Garden!

4. Flip Flops (or sandals) Brighton beach in pebbly - make sure you have your beach shoes in your day bag!

5. Cooler or insulated bag - often overlooked when packing for a seaside holiday but a picnic bag is great to bring to the beach. Try out the kitchen in our self-catering accommodation and enjoy your lunch with a view (equally great at keeping drinks cold).  

6. Water Bottle - stay hydrated! Do not cut your afternoon at the beach short, drink plenty of water to keep you feeling fresh. Check out the quirky shops in The Lanes you’ll easily find a funky, eco-friendly but also functional bottle - a great memorabilia.

7. Swimsuit - although a chilly dip in the sea may not everybody's cup of tea, do not forget to bring your swimming costume! The weather can surprise us or alternatively, you could always pop to Saltdean Lido and spend the day at their heated outdoor pool!

8. Camera or smartphone - it is always lovely to live in the moment and soak up the atmosphere but do not forget to take some photographs! It is fun to look back in a couple of years’ time and reminisce about the afternoon spend on Brighton Pier on the slot machines or the secret phone box gallery (on the edge of Powis Square in Seven Dials) you found while exploring the city.  

9. Sun Cream - seems obvious but super easy to forget. The sea breeze can be deceiving, however, it’s always important to protect your skin again those summer rays. Plus, if you put sun cream on surely that means the sun must come out?

10. Sunglasses - A good pair of sunglasses are vital! They’ll not only protect your eyes from sunlight exposure but allow you to see Brighton’s beach in full glory without squinting!!

Good to know…

• Make space in the car and leave your windbreak and deckchairs at home! You can easily hire both on Brighton beach!!

Written by Ellie Hughes

The Original Cottages Team
The Original Cottages Team


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