Published: Monday 24th Sep 2018

Written by: Leah Smith

Written by the team at Tiggywinkles

Hedgehogs are one of the most popular wild animals in the UK, these spikey gardeners’ friends are an absolute delight to see snuffling around in gardens and along hedgerows in the evenings. Very sadly their population is in decline; pesticide use, habitat loss and roads are all thought to be taking their toll on the humble hedgehog. However, there is something we can all do to help hedgehogs and that is to create wildlife friendly gardens. 

Hedgehogs, as their name suggests, need hedgerows and wild areas to forage for insects. They can also thrive in wildlife friendly gardens, if they have safe access – even a gap the size of a CD will do the trick.

To encourage hedgehogs into your garden the best thing to do is to leave an area to go a bit wild, shrubs, long grass and log piles or compost heaps are ideal foraging and nesting sites for hedgehogs. You can also pop out a dish of meaty cat or dog food and water each evening, the sensitive nose of a hedgehog will soon find a free meal! 

So many of our wonderful Countryside Cottages are perfectly placed to be havens for wildlife; nestled amongst some of the best of our British Countryside, with beautifully established cottage gardens providing shelter for wildlife and sprawling views for our guests to enjoy. 

To find out more about how you can help hedgehogs why not take a look at our charity partner, Tiggywinkles. Tiggywinkles care for some 2,000 hedgehogs every year giving lifesaving treatment and releasing them back into the wild once ready. You can help by donating here.



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Leah Smith


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