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Published: Friday 9th Mar 2018

Written by: Leah Smith

With the emergence of the ‘staycation’ and a rush of newly refurbished properties across the UK, there has never been a better time to discover a truly original and personal holiday experience that doesn’t have to end when it’s time to come in and rest. Whether you are looking for a place to unwind, a base for sporting adventure, or a memorable venue to mark a special occasion, an Original Cottages getaway offers the perfect holiday home.

As a university accommodation survivor, I’ve come to learn a new appreciation for the benefit of having a comfortable place to unwind after a hectic day. What could be better than stepping into a warm space that is full of the comforts of home and everything you need to relax or prepare for a big night out? In fact, the best way to recharge and unwind can be to discover something entirely new, which is why the recent growth in interest in holidaying within the UK is such a fantastic opportunity to discover a brand new horizon. Today, holiday cottages are becoming an increasingly popular holiday choice and with every property offering its own individual charm, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for you, be that a place to unwind by the fire or a base for exploring the local area.  

Whether you are a recent graduate, married with children or retired to the country, having a comfortable home is important, so why should you expect anything less from a holiday accommodation? There’s nothing more disappointing than coming back from a relaxed day on the beach or an adrenaline-fueled mountain biking event to be greeted by a ‘cookie-cutter’ hotel room, with little more than a bed, television and a tiny kettle with a few packets of instant coffee. Today, with a wealth of fantastic cottage properties set within some of the most stunning locations around the UK, there has never been a better time to expect more personality from a holiday experience. 

Something for Everyone

Choosing to stay in a holiday cottage can be the first step in enjoying an exceptional and truly personalised getaway. For example, have you ever considered staying in a converted grain store? Or a former signal box? For anyone one who wants a break from the norm, the list of available holiday cottages is almost limitless. 

Corn Bin

The Corn Bin in Sedlescombe, Sussex for example, is a modern open plan property, situated close to the historic town of Hastings. The town has lots to offer including the local beach, golf club and an organic vineyard, as well a host of local shops and restaurants. As a converted grain silo, The Corn Bin is also a perfectly apt base from which to check out the Hastings Beer and Music Festival (HBMF), which is a fantastic three-day event that runs yearly during the month of July. 

Staycation or Big Day Out

Besides the advantage of having a stylish, individual property, the other advantage of choosing a cottage holiday over a hotel booking, is the freedom that it affords you in terms of what to do and when. Often the most rewarding part of a getaway is the chance to break from the norm and move to the beat of you own drum – sometimes literally for the musically inclined! 

The Roost

Having chosen your perfect holiday venue, the next question is what you will do with it? Are you looking to break out the games consoles and board games for a relaxing staycation, or you looking to discover the local area and attractions for a more active retreat? With a holiday cottage you can do both, while all the time enjoying all the benefits of a ‘proper’ home. The Roost in Lee on the north Devon Coast for example, is less than a mile from the beach at Lee Bay, making it an ideal base from which to catch some surf. The Roost also features its own hot tub and a stunning woodland view, meaning that it is perfect for anyone looking to unwind or plan a romantic break.  

Everybody is Welcome 

Signal Box

A further advantage of booking a holiday cottage within the UK is that it is an increasingly affordable option with plenty of fantastic choices to suit all tastes. Prices for booking a cottage holiday can be as low as £300-£400 per week for charming accommodations such as The Signal Box in Melton Constable, Norfolk, which is a former signal box that has been fully converted into a one-of-a-kind property that is both pet friendly and offers fantastic garden views. 

St Docwin

For larger groups, venues like the stunning St Docwin cottage set within Port Isaac, North Cornwall is a converted chapel that sleeps up to nine adults and is pet friendly. St Docwin also includes its own games room and is an exceptional venue from which to celebrate a special occasion. What is truly remarkable about booking this type of accommodation is that the cost per person over a week can often cost around the same as staying in a hotel, meaning that you can potentially get a much more memorable holiday experience for your money. 

A Choice for You 

I’m not the most active person in the world, but I do love to swim and to be near the sea. I’m also not big on healthy eating and worrying about diets, but I do like the food that I eat to be fresh and interesting. The truth is that I have fairly unique expectations of what I want from a holiday, which is why I am happy to take advantage of the hundreds of cottages on offer that are far more appealing than a single hotel room with the standard kettle and trouser press. Whatever you are looking for a holiday cottage can be the best way to start a holiday that is built around you, your family and friends. 

Written by Andrew Dann


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