Lulworth Cove, follow in a poet's footsteps

Published: Wednesday 13th Jul 2016

Written by: The Original Cottages Team

Follow in the footsteps of Keats, Hardy and Rupert Brooke as you step onto the beach and stroll hand in hand across the sand at Lulworth Cove. Brooke described Lulworth as ‘the most beautiful place in England’ and Lulworth was certainly a lure to these writers, a potent backdrop at the beginning of the last century to changes within the literary scene represented by movements such as the Bloomsbury Group. It is as if the sand and rock are imbued with the spirit of these illustrious creators and their words echo around the Cove. But it is not just the glitterati of the writing world who have penned special epithets about Lulworth Cove; so many visitors have waxed lyrical about the very special atmosphere of this remarkable place.

It is something in the unique shape of Lulworth Cove that will impress upon you that you are somewhere truly special, from the very first moment that your eyes take in the beautiful bay. Hauntingly private, the almost enclosed scallop shaped Cove wraps itself around you as if you are the only people there. Lulworth is so spectacular that whatever the weather, the Cove just cannot fail to impress. It is hard to say whether it is more special in glorious sunny weather or in the chill and atmosphere of a crisp, misty morning but certainly, Lulworth has a magical feeling at any time of the year. But perhaps it is just simply the way the sun sets over Lulworth and the special atmosphere that the unique geology of the cove creates; a sense of silence and envelopment that will make you feel that you are truly the only people that matter, together just for that moment in time.

It is not until you actually arrive on the beach that you will appreciate the true beauty of Lulworth. Enjoy a romantic stroll across the sand towards Durdle Door, one of the seven geological wonders of the world. This huge rock arch dominates one side of the Cove and has its own beach, perfect for a picnic or for swimming. Perhaps you might find an ancient fossil as the ideal memento of your time away in Dorset or just the picturesque views of the Cove and some special photos will be memory enough.

The Original Cottages Team
The Original Cottages Team


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