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Published: Wednesday 29th Apr 2015

Written by: Betheny Ellis

Here it is, that time once again when we proudly announce our competition winner; our fabulous Heritage cottage giveaway in partnership with Aspalls Suffolk goes to Heidi Stuart!  Congratulations. We thought we’d tempt you by sharing  what lays in store for our lucky competition winner and, for anyone else who decides to don their flat cap, take their Whippet in hand and head for the North, here’s what Whitby and the North Yorkshire coast has to offer. 

Whitby is now a bustling fishing harbour and an ever popular tourist destination. Nestled around the mouth of the River Esk, it’s eclectic mix of fishermen's cottages, Georgian facades, cobbled streets, nooks and corners stand boldly against the battering North Sea.This unique rugged beauty and quaint, mingled, hardy atmosphere has ensured Whitby’s place in the hearts of authors, writers, artists and holiday makers past and present. 

The unavoidable dark and imposing ruins of Whitby Abbey and the silhouette of St. Mary’s Church, brooding at the top of the serpentining 199 steps, rising up the cliffs from the streets below, give Whitby an air of the ghoulish about its setting and an afternoon spent wandering around the magnificent ruins of the Abbey and churchyard, make it clear to imagine how such an ambience inspired macabre writings such as Bram Stoker’s, Dracula. If all those eerie thoughts and spine chilling stories leave you hankering for a less ghostly setting, then we suggest head to the top of West Cliffs to take in the stunning views of the sea beyond. From here you can marvel at the huge jaw bones of a whale, standing proudly against the backdrop of the sea; a monument to a past era of Whitby fisherman and the Whitby Whaling Company.

Today Whitby’s rich sea life and many species of whale are still to be found off the coast, including Mink, Humpback, Sei and Fin - the hunting of these beautiful creatures has long been replaced with sightseeing and there are plenty of opportunities to take a trip out on a boat from the harbour and spot yourself a whale or two - we certainly recommend it, but advise you go on a calm day! 

There are plenty of museum’s ranging from the Victorian Science museum to the RNLI museum, but it is the small and wonderful Whitby Museum which proves to be ever popular with visitors. This has a delightful collection as close to a victorian cabinet of curiosities as you are ever likely to find. Full of fossils, textiles, maritime history and all manner of oddities and delights, you can easily while an hour or two away when the Northern weather chooses to be less than sunny.

After filling up on all that culture and history, it is probably time to quench your thirst with a swift half; Whitby is full of great pubs and has one to suit everyone. Young, old, trendy or traditional, goth or folk this town’s hostelleries cater for all. To top off the whole Whitby experience, the holiday would not be complete without fish and chips. Unanimous decisions have declared that the best in Whitby and the country are to be had at Quayside, on Whitby’s Pier Road.

After days packed full of historical delights, it’s certainly time to head back to your gorgeous cottage, close the front door to all the hustle and bustle - eat, indulge and feast on a holiday of heritage and interest. We’re sure this little town will whet your appetite and leave you wanting to come back time and time again. In the meantime we hope Heidi and her husband will sip on their Aspalls Cyder and revel in the sights and sounds of this stunning place.

Betheny Ellis
Betheny Ellis


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