All that Activity - Let's hope it doesn't leave you out of breath

Published: Monday 18th May 2015

Written by: Betheny Ellis

As you know by now, we’re quite keen on our competitions and giving away some fantastic holidays in our beautiful UK. And so, without further ado, it’s time to announce that Tony Hursthouse is the lucky winner of our 7 night Active stay in Norfolk partnered with GoApe. There’s no avoiding activity with these chaps and we hope our winner and 5 of their favourite people have a wonderful time impersonating monkeys in Thetford Forest. 

Of course it’s not all about tree top capers in Norfolk, infact far from it. This delightful county jutting out into the North Sea has inspired and bred many the creative and adventurous type; Sir Robert Walpole, Stephen Fry and Lord Nelson to name but a few. So, we thought we would look into the understated brilliance of this large county and see where all the adventure and activity is to be had. 

With 93 miles of coastline and over 150 miles of navigable Broads and waterways, we can quite see how it managed to feed the maritime fervour of Admiral Lord Nelson and there are a number of places where you can try out your own sea legs. Head for the beautiful North Norfolk village of Blakeney and book yourself onto a seal trip, perhaps not quite reminiscent of the Armada, but Blakeney is now home to the largest Grey Seal population in the UK and plenty of operators head out of this pretty coastal village to take onlookers for a closer look of  these wonderful creatures. If you fancy being captain of your own fleet (vessel) then perhaps a trip to Wroxham and the Broads is more appealing, here you can hire yourself a day craft or canoe and slowly meander your way through this unique wetland landscape. The variety of birdlife, flora and fauna is unparalleled. 

Norfolk is well renowned for it’s lack of undulating countryside; in fact a large proportion of the county is actually below sea level, but don’t let the lack of hills put you off, although it may not appeal to the fell walkers amongst you, it does make for some easy terrain for long walks and fantastic (not too strenuous) cycling. Quilted with well over 1,200miles of walks, bridlepaths, cycle paths and trails Norfolk is simply made for walking boots and bicycles!  The vast open skies and uninterrupted skylines certainly know how to bring on feelings of awe and wonder - all this countryside combined with the driest and sunniest climate in the UK makes it easy to see how the fresh scandinavian airs encourage a feeling of ‘get up and go’ amongst its visitors. 

Perhaps cycling, walking and sailing seem all a little too safe for the active types amongst you - there are some other activities to get you out and about and see Norfolk from a different viewpoint; perhaps a hot air balloon ride might be more your thing or you fancy trying out some paddleboarding or perhaps a bit of kite surfing has your adrenaline pumping merely at the thought of it? - Well, you’re in luck, because Norfolk can cater for all these and more. With it’s diverse landscape from the Broads and vast Norfolk Coastline, to the rich interior countryside as well as being heavy on history too!  We’re sure this large flat county will cater for anything which tickles your active gene - Just don’t ask for a mountain (it can’t help there!). 

We can only hope that Tony Hursthouse has a fantastic time and that the reliable Norfolk sun shines throughout their stay. We just hope a day swinging between trees and shooting down zip lines with GoApe, doesn’t leave them too exhausted to taste more of what this delightfully outdoorsy county has to offer. 

Betheny Ellis
Betheny Ellis


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