Request a Holiday Transfer

Whilst we are more than happy to transfer any bookings, please note that holiday transfer requests are at the discretion of the homeowner and any difference in the price of your new dates will be applied or credited as appropriate at the time of transferring. However, our team will let you know if either of these occurrences apply to your booking when they confirm your request.

To check the current availability on your holiday cottage, simply locate your property and use the availability calendar to check if your preferred dates are available.  

Whilst we would love to speak to each and every one of our customers, due to the extremely high demand, we will need to prioritise requests based upon your holiday dates.  Therefore, we would like to politely ask that you don’t call us to request transfers or cancellations during these unprecedented times and instead submit this form so we can come back to you as soon as possible.  

In the meantime, we would like to thank your patience and understanding.

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