Angela Stephenson - Yorkshire

Angela Stephenson is a homeowner with our local brand Ingrid Flute's Yorkshire Holiday Cottages. We asked her what she thought about her experience so far.

Here's Angela's story.

1.Tell us a bit about you.

We are Angela and Peter Stephenson, we're both farmers and we own Willowdene in Leyburn, North Yorkshire.

2.Why did you buy your particular property and fall for its location?

It was a renovation profect for resale, but after working on the property for a year we decided to keep it. We fell for the property's fantastic view.

3.How much did the property cost and when did you buy it?

We paid £240,000 in 2009

4.How much did you spend on renovations?


5.What’s your yearly return on investment?


6.Why or how did you come to do holiday lettings?

We wanted to keep more control of the property, particularly the garden, and long letting would not have allowed us to do this.

7.Why did you want to use an agency?

We had no previous experience in holiday letting so chose an agency.

8.What has been the most challenging aspect of letting?

Dealing with the cleaning up after the very small minority of clients who haven't respected our property.

9.What has been the most rewarding aspect of letting?

Meeting satisfied customers and reading the typically good comments about the cottage, garden and setting.

10.What piece(s) of advice would you give to somebody who is looking to let?

Try it - we were quite nervous and toally unsure if it would work, but it has been great!

11.What do you like about working with Original Cottages and their family of brands?

Very friendly and helpful staff.