Unique Holiday Cottages

Our holiday cottages are truly a reflection of their beloved and dedicated owners, all of whom enjoy being in their properties as much as the guests who choose to stay there, but why is this particular detail of your holiday so important, you might ask?

Well, we know just how special individual characteristics can be, it’s what makes someone or something unique. So for us, when a holiday cottage really strikes a chord with one of our customers, because they’ve simply fallen in love with the owner’s personal style that clearly shines throughout, we find those customers return every year to that same place which soon becomes their very own ‘home from home’.

It’s all a matter of taste you may cry! Wondering how on earth you’ll manage to find a cottage with a style that matches your own. We know only too well that taste is an incredibly subjective thing and almost everyone has an opinion when it comes to interior decor; which is one of the reasons why we make it a priority to refresh and diversify our growing portfolio of cottages, to ensure we appeal to as many individuals as possible. It’s all down to our team of professional and committed property recruiters as well as our new and enthusiastic owners.

We also like to think that having so many unique property styles is all part of the charm (and fun) that comes with booking a self catering holiday cottage, as it allows you to shop for whatever takes your fancy. From minimalism to flamboyant flare, elaborate and lovingly maintained gardens to a wilderness at your back door, rustic cottage comfort to high end showcase interiors. Sometimes, it’s the spaces that are the complete opposite of what we’re used to at home that really excite us; a chance to live differently for a few days, a week, or even longer!

Like our unique cottages, the fabulous people that work at Original Cottages have a unique offer for our customers; national choice together with expert local knowledge, which we like to think gives you the best of both worlds! So if you need a little help to choose your perfect cottage, give us a call on 0333 2020 899.

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