Summer Availability

Long sunny days and late-night barbeques, the scent of freshly cut grass drifting across the countryside, and sound of waves lapping against golden shores – summer is almost here. And whether you’re exploring the beauty of Britain with the whole family, your favourite people, or the one you love the most – we have an Original Cottage for your dream getaway this summer.

From coast trekking to dolphin swimming, we have hundreds of sun-inspired breaks in some of the country’s most beautiful seaside destinations. Indulge in the tropical trifecta of sun, sand and sea along South West shores. The bays of Cornwall, Devon, and Dorset glisten under the summer sunshine, with surfers riding across translucent waters and seals bobbing their heads just above the ripples.

Uncover the ancient heritage and breathtaking wilderness wonders of the wild north. Climb to the cloud-wrapped peaks of the Lake District, explore the luscious valleys of Northumberland's National Parks, or discover age-old monuments among the rolling hills of Yorkshire. The UK's countryside is full of life in the summer, and you'll be strolling through flower-filled fields and taking a dip in crystal clear lakes.

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