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Black Cat Treasure Hunts has set up treasure hunts all over Sussex since 2012 and offers you the chance to see the local sights by foot! After struggling to get the perfect name for the company, the owner, Tim Carter, gained inspiration when putting together a route and questions in the small village of Alfriston. He was followed for some distance by a Black Cat. With its innate curiosity and symbolising good luck it seemed the Black Cat had given Tim a helping hand (or paw!) to solve the problem and the name stuck.

Black Cat Treasure Hunts would like to offer all of Best of Brighton’s and Kent & Sussex Holiday Cottages' clients the following discounts on the treasure hunts below:

Brighton Highlights..a perfect way to explore a broad cross section of the attractions in Brighton. A fun tour from the quirky North Laine area to one of the newest landmarks, the i360.
20% discount for Best of Brighton clients = £4.80

Rottingdean: from Waves to a this interesting village along the coast from Brighton. A home for the famous author Rudyard Kipling and dominated by the impressive windmill.
10% discount for Best of Brighton clients = £2.70

Lewes: The Town That Changed History..The county town of Sussex and one steeped in history and traditions. Battles..dinosaurs and fireworks all feature in this hunt.
20% discount for Best of Brighton clients = £3.20

Eastbourne: From Dukes to Princes. A great way to find all the main attractions along Eastbourne’s seafront, finishing in Princes Park.
10% discount for Best of Brighton clients = £2.70

Alfriston:  Smugglers, Cream teas and a Bomb..this quaint village is incredibly picturesque, but has a variety of tales for you to find out.
20% discount for Best of Brighton clients = £3.20

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